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The Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has identified major causes of under development among third world nations as Security and National Question. The Senate Committee Chairman made the assertion during the just concluded Security Summit hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Senator Ali Ndume who was one of the Guest Speakers at the Security Summit explained that, Insecurity and National Question are interwoven and interrelated, with each influencing the other, attributing the two key issues as fundamental in the third world states, arguing that the issues require urgent and pragmatic approach in their management for any reasonable sustainable development to take place in the developing countries.

Sen. Ndume described management of contemporary Security and National Questions as veritable in stearing and attracting democratic dividends, empowering the Local Government systems and mobilizing electorates to keying into modern day realities by shorning ethnic bigotry; stating that the Local Government is the closest avenue of grassroot mobilization for proper sensitization of the people in embracing patriotism and core leadership values so as to invoke them a sense of belonging. 

The Army Committee Chairman decried the collapse of the Local Council system, stating that it played a major role in the massive urban-rural migration of people to already overstretched cities in search of white collar jobs, observing that the migrating youths who are largely unemployed naturally fall prey to anti-social clubs and associations, channelling their docile energies into drug addiction, banditry, militancy, political thuggery and other social vices that are unpatriotic and detrimental to the growth and sustainable development of the people and the country in general.

Sen. Ali Ndume called forconcerted efforts to finding urgent solutions to the social and security issues ravaging the third world countries like Nigeria, through dialogue and the use of instruments of legitimate representations by elected or Selected traditional institutions/religious organizations, stressing that confrontations and armed struggles would cause more damage in the quest for lasting solution to prevailing security Challenges.

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