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Former Secretary, Alliance for Democracy AD, Professor Udenta O, Udenta has described any Aspirant from Southwest and certain parts of Nothern Nigeria jostling for the office of the President of the country come 2023 as a Politician without conscience.

Prof Udenta who was vividly pained, in an emotionally laden gesture lamented that, how could some people who were assumed to have human conscience continue to pretend as if a section of the country who laboured, sacrified and put in so much for the unity and development of the nation, does not exist. 

Prof. Udenta Udenta who made the mind blowing statement during a press conference in Abuja, said he was particularly suprised that men in the calibre of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar could be running around campaigning for Presidency when both are very much aware that their zones had for severy years at one time or the other interchanged as President or vice President respectively, even till date with Osinbajo as vice President.

He further lamented that "for me, there is no way that Obasanjo 8 years of Presidency, Osinbanjo 8 years of Vice Presidency should not translate into a clear, visible, unambiguous statement for power to shift to that part of the South that has not experienced this Presidential power after all the sacrifices of Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, Dr Ezeife and Alex Ekwueme and the rest of them. 

Prof. Udenta said "Let me explain few myths to further buttress my bearing, "Falaye and late uncle Bola Ige squared off at the Royal Hotel in Ibadan and Falaye won and became the AD candidate, the same way Obasanjo defeated Ekwueme and emerged as PDP candidate, that was the rovan selection was a Southwest selection of the AD." 

That, notwithstanding, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife who is alive today, purchased the form for the expression of interest from the Alliance for Democracy to participate in that process with N1m and won a strong vote of the Southeast and Southsouth of the country, but the expanded meeting of the AD leadership, the National Working Committee (NWC), National Executive Committee (NEC), the caucus of the party, the Board of Trustees, the owners of the party met at the Cultural Centre opposite UTC to decide between Falaye and Ezeife who will be candidate of the party. Our leader who was my father, Arthur Nwankwo actually misfired that day; he knows from his grave that I am not lying, and the Southeast and Southsouth went up in anger, led by Bassey Ekpo Bassey. We had entire North, Southeast and Southsouth with us, Ezeife had beaten Olu Falaye right there in that hall, but After three, four, five hours of robust conversation, they asked Ezeife to step down and he graciously did so and raised the hands of Olu Falaye. That was how Falaye became the candidate of the Party."

"Therefore, the Southwest of this country should know that they stand morally disqualified to run for the office of the President until the Southeast has taken their turn, and whoever is in the Southwest called by whichever name presenting himself for 2023 Presidential seat, for me, is rapacious, in his appetite and insufferably greedy to seek for the office." he said.

Explaining further, the Prof stated that the second thing worth noting in the interaction is that he was the founding Secretary for the Alliance for Democracy in 1998 and secretary of the AD/APP Alliance, that the election was between PDP on one flank and AD/APP on another flank, explaing that, that was why the faceoff between Falaye and Obasanjo .

Prof. Udenta further stated that "being the Secretary of the summit of the two aligning parties, the AD/APP, I am in the a very comfortable position to announce and declare that nobody can talk about this forth republic without me. Quote me, no Nigerian born and alive can discuss the formation principles and historical emergence of this Republic and the forces that shaped it’s direction and trajectory without putting Udenta O, Udenta’s view points, practice and performance into consideration.

He explained that, that was the sacrifice of the Southeast block for a Southwest presidential quest. That is a historical record. I was the secretary of the AD and I have the records in my file. On the side of APP, His Excellency Dr Ogbonnaya Onu who is a serving minister today, won the primary of the party at Kaduna, we abandoned him to his fate, but he didn’t step down, he didn’t negotiate his away and didn’t sell it, we went ahead and formulated the AD/APP Alliance that produced Falaye and Shinkafi. 

It was an attempt to have a stable Nigeria, a peaceful Nigeria coming from the crisis of June 12 struggle and the tragic mandate of Abiola. When Dr Ogbonnia Onu got to know about it, he didn’t alter a word, he didn’t call a conference to disown it. He worked with the party towards it’s electoral fortune even though we didn’t win. That is another high sacrifice of Igbo political leader for the emergence of what became a consensus arrangement between two Yoruba sons.

So today, when they talk about zoning to the South, so far, the construct of zoning to the South is fraudulent, mischievous, duplicitous and full of concealment of intentions. It’s based on false binary of the North and South, as if these two entities are without subdivisions or subunits, structural units in them. 

When you talk of the South, it consists of the Southeast, Southwest and Southsouth, and so it is possible for one zone out of the three in the South to perpetually grab the Presidency and hold it firm to themselves alone to the exclusion of the other two and then hide under this false narrative of equity and justice, the Power shift from the North to the South is a generic indeterminate shift, it doesn’t specify for me which side the power should go.

Therefore there is need for a clear-cut definition of the South in the powershift and the politics of rotational arrangement to allow only people from the Southeast extraction present candidates for the office of the President otherwise the best alternative way to go for Ndigbo is to pitch tent with Gov. Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State from the Northeast, the part of the North that is also marginalized■ ...to be continued 

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