The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has lend their voice to the ongoing Endsars protests across the country. In a Press Statement issued by the President of the CBCN, the body says they are in total support of the agitations of Nigeria Youths saying that their protest is beyond Endsars as the Youths have been pushed to the wall. 

The President of the CBCN in the statement says all that the Youths of Nigeria are saying is that enough is enough to oppression, intimadation and bad governance. 

The statement says that the Youths are demanding for is a Peaceful working Country they can be proud of, where "the son of nobody can become somebody, without knowing anybody" 

The Bishops Conference warned the government that on no account should authorities resort to force or undue intimidation on the Youths during the protests, while appealing to the protesting Youths to be law abiding and conduct themselves peacefully and in a civil manner as they make their demands.

Excerpts of the Press Statement as attached;

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