Tinubu's New Year Speech, Message of Hope! 

- Comrade Tita Nze > Abuja <

An investigative Journalist, social critic, public affairs analyst and humanrights activist, Comrade Tita Onyebuchi, Nze, popularly called Talibaba, has described President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's new year broadcast as one of the best things that will happen to Nigeria, if the words are adequately matched with proper actions.

Comrade Tita Nze, stated this during a new year Live-Interactive Television Programme, THE SEAT OF POWER, in Abuja.

Comrade Tita, who also is, Chairman Crime Reporters Cor, Abuja, said, "Nigerians are great people, they are not expecting too much from the federal government," stating that, "any government that can give Nigerians steady power supply, has invariably fixed 80% of the country's problems". 

The Comrade said, "apart from the hydraheaded monster called corruption, unsteady power supply remains the bane of Nigeria's development"; stating that Steady Power Supply will go a long way in revitalising ailing industrial, manufacturing and commercial houses, which according to him, will aid individuals and corporate organisations to begin to operate at cost effective levels without undue interruptions. 

Saying that "with steady power supply, Nigerian youths will begin to explore their God-given potentials and creative ingenuities to the fullest," adding that, "unemployment, restiveness, armed robbery, banditry and other negative social vices will reduce drastically".

Comrade Tita Onyebuchi Nze said, "if the two major items mentioned in President Tinubu’s new year broadcast which include, working towards increased power supply and rejuvenating local refineries can be implemented to the fullest, Nigeria will automatically bounce back on track in no distant time".

Comrade Onyebuchi Nze condemned the recent killings in Plateau State, describing it as a killing too many. The humanrights activist commended the North Central Governors for their donations to the affected families, but lambasted Governor Caleb Mutfwang, chiding him to wake up to his responsibilities of protecting lives and property of Plateau citizens no matter their locations, according to his campaign promises and oath taken during assumption of office. END

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