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An investigative Journalist, Social Critic, Humanrights Activist and a Public Affairs Analyst, Comrade Tita Onyebuchi, Nze, has condemned in its entirety the recent action of operatives of The Nigeria Police, Abia State Command, at the premises of ABN Radio/TV Station, Umuahia, describing the ugly incident as a reckless show of shame and utter disgrace to the Police. 

Comrade Tita Nze made the statement during a live Television Programme *The SEAT OF POWER,* in Abuja, following the recent invasion and desecration of a running program, at the studios of the ABN Broadcast Station, Umuahia, by a team of Police operatives who claimed they came from the Abia Command. 

Comrade Tita Nze described the action as highly uncivilized, primitive, barbaric, naive and totally unacceptable to the Media Community; calling on the Police Service Commission, PSC, and the office of the Inspector General of Police, IGP, to without delay, order for the arrest of all the Police personnel involved in the uncivilized, despicable act and immediately arraign them for orderly room trial.

Comrade Tita Onyebuchi, Nze bemoaned that, "why should the erring Police officers put up such an unpalatable, nauseating behaviour that does not portray the true character of trained personnel of The Nigeria Police and security personnel of the 21st century, when policing all over the world are fast moving far ahead, making frantic efforts to adapting to the most civilized and digital way of police operations?".

Comrade Tita Nze lamented that the actions of the Police operatives in distrupting a live streaming program, in the broadcasting studio amounted to desecrating the sanctity of a place that is considered as sacred in the Media and broadcasting space.

The Rights Activist wondered why the Policemen could not make use of their common sense in exploring other ways and means in carrying out the dastardly act by waiting for their target outside the broadcasting house or even laying seige away from the environment, for the arrest. 

He explained that, "there are other reasonable and more civilized ways they could have adopted in the arrest operation, in conformity with international best practices, without infringing on the fundamental rights of the ABN Radio/TV Station and of their target, who was a guest on a live program".

Comrade Tita Nze exclaimed that "Haba, habaa, habaaa, is that the best way and manner those Police officers know best or was that how they were trained on how to carry out operations?" Continuing, he said, "their action was a collasal disgrace to the security and intelligence community and modern day policing".

Comrade Tita Onyebuchi Nze called on the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Radio, Television and Theatre Arts Workers Union, RATTAWU, Civil Liberty Organisation and other Human Rights groups, to rise to the occasion and do the needful in making sure that the erring Police operatives are brought to book, so as to serve as deterrent to others, against future occurrence of such condemnable barbaric act ■ END

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