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Just to let you know that the African Representatives of US-Latino Chamber of Commerce, USLACC Africa, is running an Overseas program for the development of our Youths. 

It is an African-wide program, aimed at creating legitimate and credible window for African youths to gain opportunities, internship and international exposures for Technology development and career optimization. 

Our line of action is to obtain advanced Skills, Technology Development and Transfer of knowledge to help develop Africa, of which the African leaders shall be sponsoring qualified Youths of Africa for dynamic training and Technology development, to enable them be well equipped to begin to drive African economy as young and vibrant youths of the continent.

Considering the abundant Mineral resources and huge investment opportunities which abound in Africa, yet our dear Youths keep suffering under development. 

USLACC Africa has taking over, through purposeful administrative/supervisory techniques and well articulated strategies, to fight for developments of Youths.

We plan to achieve this through building strong rooted structures and partnerships with corporate entities, companies, industries, institutions and factories in various advanced countries of the world that transform and produce all the products we import all the day, that can offer internship and techmology transfer.

Come 11th of December 2023, Nigeria shall be hosting the long awaited TECH-DPAY Inuaguration, and flag-off of a giant stride for Africa emancipation. 

Therefore, African leaders, Embassies, Philanthropists and Youths are expected to converge in Abuja for the unique first-of-it's-kind epoc making occasion.

Below is a link for Youths to join the platform and follow up on activities.

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