10th SENATE: More Senators Join Izunaso's Camp

...Talibaba >Abuja<

With less than a week to the D-Day, various camps amongst the contenders for the seat of the Senate President are beginning to feel a sense of what is likely to be the outcome of the voting result. 

A member of the Yari group, who craved anonymity, said, “as of last count on Sunday 4th of June 2023, the Yari/Izunaso-led camp swelled from 73 to 77 senators-elect between Thursday and Sunday morning."

The source said, “this is based on the statistics taken at the last outings of the two camps held simultaneously at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel and The Destination Hotel respectively.

“Barely 21 senators-elect attended the Stability Group of Akpabio, while 57 physically attended the Yari/ Izunaso-led group meeting with concrete apologies from 16 other senators-elect who could not attend in person.

“However, as of Sunday morning, at least four of the Senators-elect that attended the Akpabio meeting have shifted camp and alliance to the SDC. The four senators are from South-South and South-West.

“With this, the Yari/Izunaso-led group made up of Senators-elect from the six geopolitical zones of the country now has 77 senators-elect in their camp, a clear majority in the 109-member Senate.

“Even with the 57 senators-elect that physically attended the meeting at Senator Izunaso-owned Destination Hotel, the group has already secured more than the 55 votes required to produce the Senate President.”

The source maintained that the simultaneous meetings of the two camps had confirmed the actual strength of the competing tendencies. 

The source concluded that with a follow-up of The DESTINATION hotel meet by Izunaso's Camp which took place on Tuesday 6th of June at same venue, the coast seems clearer for Izunaso/Yari camp to produce the next leadership of producet the 10th Natiinal Assembly.



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