10th SENATE: VP Shettima's Speech in Support of Izunaso's Ambition.

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Vice President Shettima has said under the current dispensation, a Southern Christian should be allowed to emerge as Senate President instead of another Northern Muslim 

Shettima made the appeal during an interaction with senators across party lines in the nations capital, Abuja.

“I’m ready to kneel down and beg my colleagues for the sake of the nation, this is for the survival of this country," he said.

“Here we are, with a Muslim President and a Muslim Vice-President in a multi-ethnic, multi religious polity like ours, “Number 1, 2, all of the same faith for God sake!".

He lamented that “Politics is about perception, politics is about optics. I want to appeal to you, I want to appeal to your conscience, Nigeria as a nation is at a crossroad, we are talking about the sustainability of the nation. The stability and inclusivity and togetherness of this country should supersede depths and stability of our pockets," he said.

VP Shettima further appealed that "under the current dispensation and realities, a Southern Christian should be allowed to take the seat of the President of the Senate.” saying that, “Equity, fairness and justice demand that the number three citizen of this country should be a Christian, adding that “What binds us together supersedes whatever divides us, but most importantly, we should make deliberate efforts to take inclusivity in governance as a task that must be accomplished". 

Meanwhile Political observers have opined that, Shettima's statement is an indicator that Sen. Osita Izunaso will eventually emerge as the Senate President come Tuesday June 13, since all odds favour his ambitions for the leadership of the 10th National Assembly.   


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