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The Police Service Commission PSC, led by its new Chairman former IGP, Mr Solomon Arase, on Thursday April 27, 2023, had what it termed a strategic interface with critical stakeholders from the forth-estate of the realm, led by the national President of the Nigeria Union of Journalist, NUJ, Comrade Chris Isiguzo, at the conference hall of the PSC's permanent site, in Abuja.

In his address, the PSC Chairman, Mr Solomon Arase said, the interface is the first major meet with the leadership of the media in Nigeria since his assumption as the Chairman,  Police Service Commission.

Mr Arase explained that the Police Service Commission is the body constitutionally charged with the responsibility to appoint, promote, dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over officers of the Police Force with the exception of the IGP, saying that, in addition, the Police Service Commission also formulate policies, appointments and promotion of the Nigeria Police.

Mr Solomon Arase, said, "since no institution nor individual can function effectively in isolation, hence the reason for the critical interface".

The fmr IGP explained that, Nigeria is currently undergoing transformational period in all sectors, which require the synergy and cooperation of all and sundry at this crucial moments for the nation to effectively navigate through the trying times.

He lamented that, despite the hostility inherent in policing an environment like Nigeria, the Nigeria Police has remained steadfast and commited to it's responsibility of guaranteeing safety of lives and property of the citizens even at the risk of their own lives.

Mr Arase further lamented that though the expectations of members of the public are very high towards policing, that, it exceed the support and resources given to the Police, saying that the Police are constantly in contact with dangerous persons and critical situations, yet, their efforts and humble achievements are hardly recognized, applauded nor rewarded. The PSC Chairman appealed to the Nigerian populace to show the Police more cooperation and support, for the country to have a better society.

In his speech, the NUJ National President, Comrade Chris Isiguzo thanked the Police Service Commission Chairman for replicating what he knows how to do best by seeking the cooperation of critical and relevant stakeholders in the course of his duties, saying, for him as the NUJ President, it was the first time ever of such meeting with the Police Service Commission and its leadership. Comrade Isiguzo applauded Mr Arase for exploring the wide network of critical stakeholders since his assumption, pledging the support of the media throughout his tenure as Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

The NUJ President however warned government and authorities concerned, to allow the rumour making the rounds remain and fissle away as rumours. He fumed that it is been rumoured that there are attempts and moves by some people in power to remove membership of the media from the board of the Police Service Commission, saying that, that will not be acceptable, as the media is a bonafide part of the intelligence and investigative policing community the world over.

Comrade Isiguzo appealed to the Commission to endeavor to make the meet more regular, while making conscientious efforts to bring onboard the Police and Journalists together under a training, seminar or workshop or even in a relaxed atmosphere, which he said will go a long way in dousing a seemingly protracted fictions and rivary between the two sectors; for them to begin to see themselves as partners in progress, working towards same goal, for the betterment of the larger society.

Highlights of the meet include, non-formal interractions and group photogragh.■ End

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