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Dr. Randie Anayo Dikeukwu - a humanist, Philanthropist, Community Development promoter, an activist, Humanrights advocate, Political analyst, Social Commentator and Media Associate, is a medical doctor resident in Canada.

His rare community development and general humanitarian initiatives in Igboland earned him the traditional title of *Igbomadike of Isu Ancient Kingdom* in Imo State among many other Awards and Recognitions. He trained as a medical doctor in Nigeria and South Africa before moving to Canada where he practices as a family resident doctor.

In an interview with CLIFF IBE, the publisher of AFRICAN FREE PRESS MAGAZINE, Dr. Dikeukwu, the founder of Igbo Awareness Movement, bemoaned the carelessness in the human healths and avoidable deaths among the people, coupled with near to non-existence of affordable and effective health care delivery packages in Nigeria, which he blamed on poor Political leadership by successive regimes.

Dr. Dikeukwu , IGBOMADIKE emphasized on the need for Youths to pursue and acquire good education which he said will afford them the pedestal for great accomplishments, which he said will inturn make credible and mind-boggling contributions to societal developments, instead of looking up to fraudulent elements in the society, or delving into fraud themselves as a means of livelihood.

In a frantic effort to change the narratives, provide credible and beneficial ways would engage the Youths of ISU NA ELILIBOROGU in profitable ventures, Dr. Randie Dikeukwu founded the novel LEAGUE OF OLD ISU PROFESSIONALS, comprising mostly of graduates and professionals in various fields of human endeavour spread across the globe. They are currently championing several ideas that has brought assistance, succour, relief and hope to the generality of the people of Old Isu in Nwangele LGA of Imo State and beyond.

The League of Old Isu Professionals, aside its several life and community transformation initiatives, also engages in annual Diaspora Medical Missions to ISU, during which they provide Free Medical Services to the people, share eye glasses, wheels chairs and perform surgeries on indigent patients, costs running into millions of naira.

The 2021/2022 Medical Mission of the League can be adjudged one of the largest Medical Mission in southeast Nigeria as they collaborated with Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo (OZB COMMUNICATIONS), Chief Michael Onuoha (ERIRIEGO) of AKANO FOUNDATION and others who provided huge assistance and encouragement including Dr. Dikeukwu who also made huge personal donations to the success of the Project.

The Project initiator Dr. Dikeukwu, in his reaction to national issues condemned in its entirety medical tourism of Nigerian Political leaders to Europe and America, saying that the sane thing to do was for them to fix the health sector and other critical sectors of governance, so as to avail the people effective and result oriented leadership, dripping with endless and visible dividends of democracy.

The IGBOMADIKE of Isu Ancient Kingdom, despite his sojourn abroad, believes and loves in his people and community. He has over the years contributed immensely to the overall development of UMUORLU ISU. He donated a 500KVA Transformer through the UMUORLU in America and Canada. He chaired the Peace Committee that resolved protracted crisis in Umuduruneke village and restored peace to the delight of the entire community.

Concluding, Dr. Randie Anayo Dikeukwu said he is of the opinion that Nigerians in diaspora are ready and willing to throw their hats into the country's Political ring in order to change the narratives and replicate developmental aesthetics as witnessed in developed climes.

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