Attempts to smear and undermine the personality of the Founder of Gregory University Uturu, Prof. Gregory Ibe has been uncovered. According to a release made available to the media, one Prince Emeka Okafor has reportedly taken it upon himself to resort to cheap blackmail and other ill motivated vices to run negative publications on the person of Prof Ibe.

Prof. Gregory Ibe, who is currently the Chancellor Gregory University Uturu Abia State and Chairman Proprietors of Private Universities in Nigeria, is a well known Scholar, Philanthropist, Social Crusader and a Humanitarian, who has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished personality and an entrepreneur per excellence; who without being in government has contributed immensely to the reduction of unemployment rate in Nigeria, by providing jobs to numerous number of youths and persons across board. He is currently been wooed into Politics of Abia State by Political giants, opinion leaders, interest groups and other stakeholders, including the high and the mighty in the State. 

Investigations reveal that the said Prince Okafor's negative media arrows, are attempts by him to paint the image of Prof Ibe in a bad light with the aim of distracting the public's clamour and yearnings for Prof Ibe to run for an elective political office.

Pls find below the Press Release ... Tita Onyebuchi Nze


Prof Gregory Ibe Foundation has uncovered plan by some individuals to sponsor orchestrated smear media campaigns targeted at the person of Prof Gregory Ibe, Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu and chairman of Proprietors of Private Universities in Nigeria.

According to a press statement by Prince Emeka Okafor, Chairman of the group, the aim of the media attack is to attempt to diminish the rising political profile of Prof Ibe through the publication of frivolous and unsubstantiated stories. Prince Okafor further stated that investigations by his organisation revealed that “some print and electronic media organisations have already been contacted by these unscrupulous individuals in a desperate attempt to accord authenticity to their smear campaign by publishing series of concocted lies against the person of Prof Gregory Ibe whose only crime is his decision to voluntarily offer service to the people with his personal resources.

While alerting the public of the evil plot, the press statement subsequently advised authors of the inglorious plan to repent and desist from carrying out their ignoble act, and enjoined media organisations to be professional in their reportage, by thoroughly investigating every story about Prof Ibe before publication to avoid the sad consequences of libel and defamation of character. The release concluded by stating that the legal unit of the foundation has been fully briefed to deploy every legal instrument in protecting and preserving the good image of Prof Gregory Ibe.

ProGIMA- Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates.

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