IZUNASO FIRES @SENATE: Stop Oil Theft, Bunkering Now!

...Tita Onyebuchi, Nze >Abuja<

Oil Bunkering which has for many years given a coloration of "Oil Theft" in Nigeria has been brought to the public glare at the floor of the National Assembly with Senator Ned Nwoko and Senator Osita Izunaso taking the bull by the horn.

Emeka Ekwonna, Aka (The Son of God) and Tita Onyebuchi Nze, take a critical look at Senate Plenary of October 10, 2023



 - By Emeka Ekwonna 

Few days ago, the Most Distinguished Senator Osita Izunaso, chose a deadly but bold and patriotic path of fearlessly bringing on the floor of the Senate, the importance of dealing decisively with oil cartels in Nigeria, which for dunkey years has plagued the country's economic belly up. 

Knowingly, Senator Izunaso may have consciously chosen bringing to fore, the dangerous path of the very rich and dangerous oil cabals to the public glare, inline with his undaunted patriotic conviction for our dear fatherland, by giving his best and striving to live up to his promises and biden to the good people of Imo west, through pragmatic display of unequalled voice and quality representation. 

Expectedly, these chronic cabals will surely go to any length in frustrating the ongoing "revolution of sort" and the fire works in the Senate.  Yes! they definitely will want to explore all their arsenals to fight back; but unfortunately to them, the Senator Izunaso that we all know will undauntedly sustain the tempo against the hydraheaded battle. Nothing mèèga! (according to a local parlance).

On the 10th of October, 2023, at the plenary, Senator Osita Izunaso, in support of Senator Ned Nwoko's motion, displayed an unprecedented class in his urgent desire for things to be done right in our dear country Nigeria.

There is no gain emphasising that, Nigeria is an oil based economy, but the reason her citizens barely enjoy benefits of the oil abundance is really not limited to the cancerous corruption in the polity, but for high levels of economic sabotage in the mainstay of the economy, oil. 

A critical look at the infrastructural development and the quality of life which most citizens of member countries of OPEC enjoy when compared to our country, presents Nigerian citizens in a critical state of quagmire as to the reason they live in abject poverty midst of plenty, plenty.

A closer look at Nigeria's inability to meet it's OPEC quota shows that, it is caused by overwhelming thefts in the oil and petroleum industry; but Senator Osita Izunaso who came well prepared to the 10th Senate and whose motivating force is arguably hinged on laying a solid and qualitative foundation for an enhanced better life for Nigerian masses, will stop at nothing until that is achieved to a great extent. 

Izunaso during his submission at the foor of the Seante 2days ago, noted and correctly too, that embellishing oil bunkering, romancing and painting it a picture as oil theft ridicules the gravity of the matter and negates the deep depth of its negativism. 

Again, like many reasonable Nigerians believe, Senator Izunaso inferred that it is no rocket science refining the crude, since such can be comfortably done without complex complexities and ambiguous technicalities at backyard of the bunkerers. 

Imbued in the later, is the economics of modular refineries and it's importance in reducing the prices of petroleum products in addition to the possibility of putting an outright end to importation of petroleum products, which in no small measure directly affects the foreign exchange, balance of trade and balance of payment.

Of the 109 Senators currently serving, Izunaso has undoubtedly consistently distinguished himself and can be adjudged the most resourceful member of the 10th National Assembly, through his blunt contributions to issues of national interest. 

When others shy away from stating the real, the facts and the obvious as they are, Sen. Izunaso in his usual self radiates class, bravery and fearlessness. This capacity to call a spade, a spade, is the only way to exhume Nigeria from it's present quagmatic, staccato state.■END

Senator Izunaso indeed is a rare special breed.

Let's continue to pray for this rare gem, to achieve more.

Don't forget to call me Otimkpu Izunaso.

...with Contributions from, Tita.

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