Onitsha Main Market Traders protest rumoured government re-appointment of zone3 two time Caretaker Chairman Chief Robinson Ezebunanwa.

Appeals to Gov. Soludo to withdraw his appointment and replace old members with new ones.

... By John Ogbonna-Onitsha.

Traders of Onitsha Main Market under the aegis of zone 3 stake holders comprising of all Chairmen and Secretaries of zone 3 of Main Market Onitsha weekend protested in the market, agitating against a proposed re-appointment of one Chief Robinson Ezebunanwa who they described as a two time Caretaker Chairman of zone 3 in the market, to continue in that position.

The protesters while marching round the market and adjourning streets and carrying placards which read  "Onitsha Main Market Traders say NO TO REAPPOINTMENT OF ROBINSON EZEBUNANWA.

"ROBINSON EZEBUNANWA IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS OF ONITSHA MAIN MARKET", other placards include "Gov Soludo withdraw Robinson Ezebunanwa, he is a part of problems of our market, We don't want him" among others.

The stakeholders who spoke through some of their leaders including, Chief Obinna Nduakor, Goodluck Offor and Mrs Monica Maduka the women leader of zone 3 noted that they embarked on the protest to alert the Anambra government on the need for them to carry the traders along in appointments in the Market of those who will superintendent over them, adding that in this case majority of rhe Traders do not support Mr Robinson due to his past records.

The Traders while on one hand commending Gov Soludo for his policies on markets in the state, apealed to him to avoid retaining any members of Caretaker executives who have served in past, advising the governor to instead appoint new people into the system so as to inject new ideas for greater development of the market.

They insisted that Chief Robinson Ezebunanwa has been one of the major problems of Onitsha Main Market zone 3 due to his past nefarious activities, the protesters said the traders don't want him in that position any longer, stressing that the man has over stayedmhis welcome.

The agitators further alleged that Mr Robinson has been part of the impunities committed during the past executives and should be avoided by any decent administration.

Continuing, the zone 3 Stakeholders, said "we are protesting and appealing to governor Soludo to withdraw Robinson Ezebunanwa because the entire zone3 traders and entire Main Market Traders have rejected him; we know he has being boasting of his high political connections and links with some key government appointees, however, this is a man who has been Caretaker Chairman of his LONDON line for 25years without election and functioning executive; we urge and appeal to our amiable Gov Soludo to please withdraw this Robinson of a man for the purpose of peace and tranquillity in zone3 of the main Market because we have all resolved not to cooperate with him"

The zone3 Stakeholders however pledged their unalloyed loyalty to the godsent government of Prof Chukwuma Soludo, saying they are prepared to do all within their powers to make Soludo's government succeed ■ END

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