10th SENATE PRESIDENT: Izunaso is the way to go!

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Senator Osita Izunaso is no doubt a household name that represents compassion, competence and quality representation.

In terms of real experience both at party administration, legislative sagacity and executive workings, Senator Osita Izunaso stands tall.

In terms of concrete achievements, positively touching lives and general acceptability, Izunaso clearly carries the day

Senator Osita Bonaventure Izunaso has done some verifiable sensitive works and sacrifices that have been underreported. 

More importantly, the Distinguished Senator was one of the frontliners in the formation of the APC. He is one of the pillars of the coalition forces that wrestled power from former Governor Okorocha amidst his tyrannical administration.

The respect he accords all political leaders in Orlu Zone marked him out as a man who should be entrusted with more responsibilities.

As a rookie Senator, Izunaso also commanded the respect of the Senate leadership, leading to his leadership of a powerful Senate Committee.

His incisive contributions to the floor of the red Chambers which ensured that the voice of Orlu Zone was heard loud and clear cannot be forgotten in a hurry; but that was not the only reason he earned the trust and love of his people; the major thing was, his reach out and sense of belonging he accorded them.

The empowerment he brought to youths and women is another essential factor that stands him out from other politicians.

He attracted quality democracy dividends to the people of Orlu Zone, gave the people a voice and quality representation.

His endearing passion especially to the disabled and vulnerable members of the society through his philanthropic foundation “Kpakpando” is unprecedentedly unequalled, membership and beneficiaries of the foundation cutting across the entire federation.

It is instructive to note that the Kpakpando foundation which Senator Izunaso established in his days in the House of Representatives between 2003 and 2007 is vigorously and vibrantly alive even when he was no longer in public office.

This is a proof that Izunaso is a man who cherishes humanity and wants the best for them.

Annually, every October, the foundation gathers thousands of Persons living with disabilities not only from his constituency but from all parts of the country, for economic empowerment, free medical treatments, scholarships and more importantly to treat them like human beings.

His charity work separates him from other political jobbers who are there to embezzle and milk the people dry.

Majority of the Persons living with disabilities which the Kpakpando foundation catered for over the years, have been able to economically fend for themselves thereby having a new lease of life.

Numerous testimonies to Izunaso's good works abound. Some of the beneficiaries of Walking and Hearing aids, annually look forward to the yearly gathering where they interact with other members of the society. It is clear that this is different from the bribes and crumbs offered by regular politicians during elections.

Izunaso believes in the empowerment of people so that the people can be better versions of themselves.

Senator Izunaso had national reckoning elected National Organizing Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC), where he discharged the responsibilities of that office with so much tact, maturity and competence.

Osita Izunaso is seen as a man with a conscience, a man deeply committed to the welfare of people.

Izunaso love for equity, fairness and justice made him join the Imo coalition to loosen the governor’s stranglehold on the State and APC, he fought on the side of the people.

Even when that act eventually cost him the job of the National Organizing Secretary of APC, but what he lost in the job, he gained in respect and popularity. People were impressed for his making that rare sacrifice for their sake.

The biggest drive to Izunaso Senatorial journey is the goodwill of the people; the youths, people of the Southeastern extraction and beneficiaries of his charity work believe Izunaso is a better choice; they believe he will represent them well and return them dividends of his representation.

Critical stakeholders, communities leaders including traditional rulers in Orlu Zone, all gathered in one voice and beckoned on distinguished Senator Izunaso to go back to the Senate and represent them once more. This means that the people believe in him to do a better job.

The Tenth National Assembly will be an interesting one.

The people of Southeast have not produced a President after the return to democracy since 1999.

This zoning of the Senate President slot to the southeast will achieve many goals.

It will go a long way in pacifying aggrieved Southeast leaders and equally give the region a sense of belonging in the scheme of things in the national polity.

The APC leadership are billed to have a sensitive meeting soon, with the President-elect and Vice President-elect; Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kassim Shettima respectively, along all Senators-elect and Reps members – elect, to make a critical decision on the zone to produce the next Senate President.

Hopefully if the Senate President slot is zoned to the Southeast, there is one man that has the backing and goodwill of the people; he is Osita Bonaventure Izunaso.

His experience, competence, capacity and sagacity are what Nigerians needed at this crucial period of the county's history, to effectively and adequately occupy the position of the 3rd citizen of the most populous black nation in the world, for an amicable Political balance, fairness, equity, acceptable peace and stability required for accelerated growth and development for the benefits of the People. 

Therefore, towing the path of a well calculated quest for the best man, to man the Seat of the Senate President in the forthcoming 10th Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria; Senator Osita Bonaventure Izunaso, is sure the way to go!

Aditional inputs:

Tita Onyebuchi Nze, Abuja


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