The Youth wing of the apex Igbo Socio-Cultural Organization of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ohanaeze Youth Council, has warned Political Parties in Nigeria and their actors that there will be no election in the Southeast geopolitical zone of the country if they fail to zone their Presidential tickets to candidates of the Southeast extraction in the coming 2023 general elections. Details of the statement as attached;

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The Communique reads:

1. In view of the recent conspiracy and political permutations against Ndigbo, (the South East extraction of the Nigerian formation) the apex Igbo Youth organization of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Ohanaeze Youth Council, (OYC) hereby issues stringent advice to the leadership of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC ) as well as that of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) to jettison any plan or attempt to deny presidential aspirants from South-East the candidacy for both APC and PDP in the next 2023  presidential election as this may  finally bring a sudden end to Nigeria as one united entity.

2. Furthermore, we declare that if APC and  PDP deny Southeast presidential aspirants their political party tickets, there will be total lockdown in Igbo land on 25th February 2023 which is the day of the Presidential  and National Assembly elections. Also a total lockdown will take place on 11th March 2023 which is the day of Governorshisp and State Houses of Assembly elections as the elections are not in the interest of Ndi Igbo. 

3. To this effect, Ndigbo will bycott 2023 general elections if APC and PDP deny Southeast presidential aspirants tickets as this will be an indication that Ndigbo are not needed as a part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, hence the need to review the amalgamation that joined us all as one country called Nigeria.

4. Again, there will be no access road to distribute electoral materials in any polling unit in Igbo land. If the powers that be in Nigeria can't give Southeast presidency that which is duly our turn to rule the country like other extractions of the country have been given fair chances then Igbos will peacefully have no other option than to leave this union called Nigeria.

5. We want to use this medium to advise Ndigbo living in the Northern parts of Nigeria to immediately start taking their security very serious if APC and PDP deny Southeast presidential aspirants, adequate arrangements should be made for their return back home.

6. The World should bear in mind that this orchestrasted conspiracy against Southeast is over due, we cannot take it any longer as the struggle for the emancipation of our people starts now. 

7. For the western world, we're aware that Ndigbo are their bread and butter, little wonder they aid incompetent people to govern Nigeria and Africa at large, so we can remain at their mercy. It is evidently clear that the hope of Africa lies in Nigeria, while the hope of Nigeria lies in Ala-Igbo and to liberate Nigeria lies in Nigeria President of Southeast extraction in 2023.

8. If the Northern people don't accept or believe in rotational presidency, there shouldn't be any reason for qouta system and federal character, because federal character has been the POLICY of sharing formula, it's solely the right of Southeast to produce the next president of Nigeria come 2023. We  are all  aware that if quota system is scrapped  that means that some  children  in Northern part of Nigeria will not compete favourably in education and in  federal limelight both in politics and civil service jobs. If the cut-off mark in secondary and university is kept according to merit, almost a good number of  children in the North cannot  access secondary and university education in Nigeria with the records of  poor outing at every entrance of National  examinations.

9. It's important to note that quota system and federal character have helped the Northern people of Nigeria. If the recruitment of Police, Immigration officers, Prison Officers, DSS, NSCDC,  Army, Navy, Custom, Fire Service, Road Safety and other security agencies are done on merit, the Northern part of Nigeria wouldn't have up to 20% in those agencies. If the recruitment is done by merit only Southern part of Nigeria will dominate and Southeast will make an impressive impact.  Southeast presidential project is "Sacrosanct", the North should stop shifting the goal post to suit them whenever it comes to issues that concerns equality and fairness of all Nigerians irrespective of where they come from.

10.The  experiences of the  South-east and how the region has been treated since the end of the "1966-1970 Genocide" suggests  that the Southeast is not part of Nigeria. The issues of Ministerial appointments is just to say, it's a tokenism to Ndigbo whose technocratic expertise is unequaled in Nigeria. What we get are certain ministerial appointments and that suggests tactical exclusion from the main running of Nigeria. The Southeast is not considered for ministerial appointments into Defense, Works, Power and other sensitive ones. Even when we are appointed into Education our highly learned people are made subordinate ministers. A laughable case was when Professor Anthony Anwuka was a junior minister to someone whose academic experience is miles away with that of the Professor. Appointments such as Inspector General of Police, Immigration Comptroller, Director of DSS, Chief of Naval Staff and so on are not meant for Igbos. To this effect Southeast wouldn't be part of such country with lopsided appointments anymore.

11. We have argued about the fake and false census population figure all as a conspiracy against Ndigbo, yet no one has challenged us that Ndigbo constitute a large number  of the total population of Nigeria. In all the states of this federation, if one removes the indigenous people , Ndigbo are  the second immediate largest number.  We challenge federal government of Nigeria to dispute this fact, by adding state of Origin during Census exercise. History and practical reality show that everywhere in the world those who live along the coastal regions are far more populated than those who live near the deserts yet in Nigeria these facts are turned upside down. 

12. It's a fact that an average Igbo man doesn't need to be favoured before he can excel. We are in the markets and that entrepreneurial spirit is in us; the evidence is that  Ndigbo have done wonders  with £20 given to them as their only bank account balance  from 1970 till date after the civil war. What we need is a common level playing ground and not to be suspected , restricted or intimidated at every slightest opportunity. Social inequalities have now resulted in the demand by various parts of Southern Nigeria who demand for a peaceful break away from Nigeria. When you forcefully allow Injustice, Marginalization and Inequality become the other of the day in Nigeria, you also lack the moral right to demand that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. We will not bore you with uncountable lists of countries who have peacefully separated and are doing well today. When people talk about separatist groups in Nigeria it's possible some are ideological while some are movements. 

13. In the South-East for example the 95% of Ndigbo  are already disenchanted with the suffering and lack of equal opportunities in Nigeria. Therefore, demanding for Nigeria president of Southeast extraction remains crucial to the hearts of Igbos (the Southeast extraction) who are committed to make appeals to the rest of Nigerians to understand Ndigbo in the absence of which Nigeria would pushed Southeast away from the Federation. Let us recall that many people who today rewrite the facts of the 1966-1970 Genocide forget that this was how it started. Either the refusal to listen to the voice of reasoning or the discarding of an agreement as was the case in the Aburi Accord. Discarding the zoning principle and denying Southeast presidency  in 2023 is like discarding the "ABURI ACCORD" which came with a consequence. Therefore, there will be unavoidable consequences if Southeast is denied president of Nigeria in 2023.

14. The Council resolved that If Injustice and marginalization against the Southeast is what has now  characterised Nigeria as a country despite  Gen. Yakubu Gowon's fraudulent "No Victor No Vanquish", Then  there is no basis for  Nigeria's continuous Unity and  Southeast will not be part of Nigeria beyond 2023. 

15. The Council, therefore, calls on well meaning Nigerians especially the North to understand that all the negative happenings in Nigeria especially insecurity are signs of "red flags" that requires urgent patriotic attention and call their political leaders to order by promoting peace and unity. The Northern, Southwest and South-South presidential Aspirants might pervert justice against Southeast and have the tickets yet there wouldn't be any Nigeria to govern. Their actions will to a large extent set Nigeria into extinction. To South-east political elites who constitute only 2% and who are openly and shamelessly sabotaging this clarion call of the Southeast and dare the curse of elders, we ask you to immediately retrace  your steps as our collective history as a people has never favoured those who sabotage us. We're keeping record and list of betrayal and Saboteurs in Igbo land. There will be an immediate consequences, such consequences will be remarkable and historical that No Igbo person in the next generation will dare to betrayal Ndigbo.

In Conclusion, we expect political actors in Nigeria to be extremely careful to avert explosion of Nigeria. It's truism that both Middle Belt, Core North, South-East, South West and  South-South have various dimensions of crisis unlike even what happened in 1966 that was one sided, yet it plugged Nigeria into flames. Today Nigeria is wearing a uniform of political and economic crisis, religious intolerance, Seperatist agitations. Nigeria must make a choice to include Southeast in Nigeria by considering the region for presidency in 2023 or push Southeast out of Nigeria, by denying the region the presidency in 2023.


Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka

National President 

Comrade Ifeanyi Nweke

National Ag. Secretary General

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